SV In.Fusion Summer Bootcamp 2018 for Luxembourg AI Startups

SV In.Fusion Bootcamp is back with a summer program for 5 startup companies from Luxembourg. Starting on June 11, 2018 the companies will join us in San Francisco for a 6 day program of training, business meetings and networking events .



Here are the participating companies:algoreg

  • Algoreg is a state-of-the-art suite of anti-money laundering solutions designed for regulated businesses such as banks, investment funds, insurance companies or payment service providers. Their solutions help businesses to transform the way they engage customers digitally, reduce financial fraud losses and comply with AML regulations.


  • Travelsify: By analysing more than 200 million travel and expert reviews, Travelsify has extracted 34 key Hotel DNA attributes that matter to travelers when booking hotels: cosy, spacious, stylish, bright, gourmet, views, vintage, classic, zen, nightlife, luxury, design, etc. To reflect the cultural variances in hotel perception, Travelsify has created the Geo-targeted Hotel DNA per country for more precise and trustworthy data. Travelers can now reliably search and compare hotels worldwide to find the experience they want.


  • Yotako helps developers to go faster from design to code thanks to an innovative technology that extracts the knowledge embedded in the design and transforms it into customizable ready-to-use code.


  • Tetrao is a technology start-up company specialized in internet intelligent process automation. It provides professional automation services to help companies reach their business goals for different use cases such as lead generation, lead qualification, market study, business intelligence, social media, data checking, data consolidation, information system integration, back office processes (FinTech, legal, accounting, etc.), automated customer services and more.


  • Nomoko developed a solution to automatically create “artificial reality”: photo-realistic 3D models with integrated metadata such as object recognition, materials and physics – in short, a digital copy of reality. Technologically, this is made possible by the Nomoko Camera and the Nomoko 3D Software. Nomoko develops a compact, ultra-high resolution camera (1,500 megapixels) and a tailored 3D modelling pipeline capable of processing petabytes of data and eventually enhance the models with intelligence.



These companies and their artificial intelligence (AI) and big data focused entrepreneurs were selected by Luxinnovation, an organization that contributes to the economic development of Luxembourg by fostering innovation, fueling international growth and attracting foreign direct investment. After a week, plus one day of the SV In.Fusion experience, we will all gather to celebrate Luxembourg’s National Day with a reception hosted by the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office (LTIO) San Francisco. You can follow their journey on Twitter at #startupLUgoesUS