BootstrapLabs during SV In.fusion

September Bootcamp kicks off

Our SV In.Fusion Bootcamp was off to a great start this week with a group of startup companies from Malaysia.

The Malaysian companies taking part in this two week Startup Bootcamp have a jam-packed schedule that started in San Francisco on Monday. The companies practiced their pitches for the first time in the US, and were then given valuable feedback, with the goal of improving their pitches to perfection by the end of the bootcamp. On Monday, they also got a crash course in how to succeed in Silicon Valley from a cultural and people skills perspective given by Dr. Karine Schomer.

Tuesday is starting early with a LinkedIn workshop, after that the group is off to the Google headquarters in Mountain View. Follow the teams’ Silicon Valley journey right here on our blog or on Twitter with the hashtag #DreamBig

Day one: Malaysian entrepreneurs at the 2-week Silicon Valley bootcamp.

Practicing the business pitch.

Yi Jun, CEO at

Mugilan Chitambram, founder of Targetzen.

BootstrapLabs co-founder Ben Levy gives the entrepreneurs valuable feedback.


Dr. Karine Schomer talks about Silicon Valley culture.

Each Master session is followed by a workshop.


Picture of the day: SV In.fusion selfie!!!

SV In.Fusion selfie

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