Silicon Valley Investor Bootcamps

SV In.Fusion is launching a new program for angels and aspiring venture investors. Our 3 day Silicon Valley Investor Bootcamps will allow participants to learn directly from industry experts – the people who have invested in and shaped some of the most well known companies in the valley.

The program will cover the fundamentals of venture investing, as well as the latest investor platforms, strategies, and techniques, while focusing on the innovative approaches and key drivers that power Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and investment dynamics.

In the same way that we share the spirit of Silicon Valley with founders in our SV In.Fusion Startup Bootcamps, we also believe that we can help change global startup ecosystems faster by changing the mindset of the people that will provide funding, mentorship, and resources to their local entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create a network of global investors inspired by and connected to their peers in Silicon Valley.

Help us spread the word to local angel groups, investment clubs, individual investors and anyone else who wants to invest in their knowledge, expertise, and network by joining us at one of our bootcamps this year.

Session 1: July 21 – 23, 2015

Session 2: September 23 – 25, 2015

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