Silicon Valley Insider

Silicon Valley Insider programs are brief courses for entrepreneurs, investors, government officials and corporate leaders to learn about the innovative approaches and key drivers that power Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Shorter in duration than a traditional SV In.Fusion bootcamp, the goal of our programs is to present an overview and introduction to the culture of Silicon Valley and the tools, techniques & trends that Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors use every day to build global technology companies.

Program length can range from informative half-day sessions,  to 3 – 4 day programs where topics can be covered in more depth.

Silicon Valley Insider program agendas can include topics such as:

  • Silicon Valley Culture
  • Building Startup Companies
  • Lean Startups
  • Disruption
  • Trends / Mobile, Wearables, IOT
  • Hot Topics in Silicon Valley
    • UI/UX, Gamification
    • Big Data
    • Analytics/Growth Hacking
    • Hardware Renaissance
    • Sharing Economy
    • Bitcoin / Blockchains
    • Corporate Innovation
  • Technologies, Tools and Platforms
    • Cloud Computing
    • Programming Languages, Tools, Frameworks
    • 3rd Party Platforms ­ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, IBM Bluemix, Amazon Web Services, Heroku,
  • Investing and Venture Capital
    • Crowdfunding
    • Equity funding platforms
    • Angels and Super Angels
    • Venture Capital
    • Investment Stages ­ Startup/Angel, Seed/Early Stage, Growth, Late
    • Investment lifecycle
    • Valuations

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SV In.Fusion works with groups of entrepreneurs, investors, government officials and corporate leaders to organize Silicon Valley Insider programs for groups of 10 to 20 founders in our San Francisco location.

SV In.Fusion program prices do not include travel to/from Silicon Valley, accommodations, meals or other out­-of­-pocket expenses. Additional deliverables, if requested, will be scoped separately. SV In.Fusion can optionally supply coffee/breakfast, lunch, or host an after hours networking event with beverages and snacks in conjunction with your Silicon Valley Insider program.

Terms: 20% deposit to reserve a Silicon Valley Insider program. Remaining payment due one week prior to scheduled date. 10% premium for alternative payment arrangements.